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Life is Still Scary from Up Here

Hey Tall Ladies, 

First off, I’m sorry that I fell off the face of the earth.  I’m a comedy writer by trade and had to focus on some other creative projects for a while.  I hope you forgive me and I promise I’ll try to write more frequently in the future.  

Second off, this isn’t a silly post.  

I feel like women have been in the news lately especially in relation to women’s rights and safety.  There’s been a lot written on rape culture recently.  I don’t really care about your politics but I do want to say one thing: Be Safe Out There. 

When you are the same size as boys, you start to believe that you are the same as boys.  But unfortunately they are still stronger than us.  It’s the way our bodies are built and it pisses me off.  

Sure I can lift heavy things and reach things that are up high but when things get scary, I can’t just push my way out.  

There are benefits for being tall - I can handle my liquor better than my shorter friends, I am less of a target, I can kick harder…but I still need to be aware of my surroundings, watch out for my friends, and be careful when I’m out and about.  

I often become the protector when I’m out with my friends.  I’m there to help them up if they get too drunk, push away guys if they get too aggressive, basically watch over and make sure everyone gets home safe.  I feel like my height allows me to do this, gives me the confidence to stand up and say I can take you in a fight.  But it doesn’t always level the playing field. 

So I hope this post reminds you that just become you’re tall, doesn’t mean you are safe.  I’m sorry if this post sounds like a promo for the evening news, it’s just been on my mind recently and I wanted to post it.  Back to my usual silly posts soon. 

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