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OK, I love the idea of the WNBA, I think everyone does.  But no one really goes to the WNBA.  These ladies are doing crazy amazing things like dunking but all the games are empty.  It’s a shame.  Because that’s a pretty good place to find a lot of tall ladies.  I’m not saying all of us play basketball because we don’t.  (And for the record - volleyball and rowing benefit from height as well, why not mix up the question once it a while?)  You’re just more likely to find a higher population of tall ladies on the court.  We are a rare breed after all. 

I just wish I could magically make the WNBA more popular because maybe then tall girls would be celebrated!  Instead we are like a great idea that didn’t quite pan out.  Everyone likes the idea of being tall but us tall ones know that it can be annoying sometime, you just want it to be a tiny bit better, just the WNBA.  

Go Sparks! 

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