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Crossing Your Legs

This one is really specific - crossing your legs in theater seats.  It’s annoying, right?

If you are currently looking at me like WHA?  Let me paint a picture for you.  So you have tickets to see a show on Broadway and you sit in your seat most likely behind another row of seats.  After you deal with the sounds of disappointment coming from the row behind you because he or she is upset that (s)he got stuck behind someone so tall by placing a large hat on top of your head, you have to decide how to sit. 

Most of the time the seats are pretty packed in (gotta sell more tickets, right?) and there is barely an inch between your knees and the other seat.  Now let’s say that the person in front of you isn’t there yet and because of the extra seat flexibility, you decide to cross your legs.  Then the person gets there and leans back - squeezing your legs into a faux velvet vice.

Then after about 20 minutes, you want to uncross your legs.  First you try to avoid it for about 15 minutes and miss that part of the play because you are too focused on one of your legs falling asleep.  Finally you decide to rip off the band-aid and move that leg.  So you pull your leg up until it’s exactly parallel with your ears and touching your nose (God forbid you are wearing a skirt and have to do this).  Then you move your foot horizontally across your body while trying not to hit the person in front of you in the head and then lower it to the ground below.

Then after intermission, repeat with other leg. 

P.S. I’m incredibly pleased with how much 2nd person I got to use in this post.

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