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Just Standing There

This seems like a pretty general thing but every once in a while, when I’m just standing there, it suddenly hits me - I am so freaking tall. 

This realization happened a lot over the past few months because I was doing a play with only three other characters (all played by very short actors).  There were a few times in the play when we were all frozen on stage and in those moments, I just felt tall. It was a constant reminder that there is just so much more of me, more skin, more bones.  I just take up more space than other people.  I hit my head a lot.  I use more resources.

In those moments, it’s hard not to try to shrink.  I have to force myself to stand up tall.  Sure I take up more space, but I also take up space that isn’t being used (unless hats come back in fashion).  I’m like the cabinet over the refrigerator (not to mention the fact that I’m usually the only one who can actually use that cabinet).  So when I’m just standing there, I like to think of myself as someone with their own built-in step stool.  I’m able to use all the space provided.  I don’t use more resources, I make use of all my resources like the Native Americans. 

So I guess what I’m saying is tall people are like Native Americans with step stool attachments.  Coming soon to an IKEA near you…

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